Real-time Location System

Brief Project Description:

Ultra-Wideband Real-Time Location System (RTLS) suitable for many industrial segments e.g. factory automation, warehouse logistics, building automation, healthcare, sports. Due to NDA agreement, would not like to disclose the details – just some general features and photos.


  • 5 units, configurable as anchors or tags,

  • real time location of assets to an accuracy of +/- 10cm,

  • support for dual modes: low power or long range,

  • capable of high data-rate communications, up to 6.8 Mb/s,

  • PC application software,

Target Applications:

  • Logistics, Asset-Tracking, Factory Automation,

  • Geo-Fencing, Safety & Security, Smart Homes,

  • Indoor Navigation, Robotics, Sports,


Lukasz Skalski Embedded Software Engineer
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