Jan 2017 – Current

Founder, Embedded Hardware/Software Engineer

Skalski Embedded Technologies

Selected Projects:

Jul 2013 – Dec 2016

Senior Software Engineer

Samsung R&D Institute Poland

  • Operating System Development,

  • Linux Embedded System Programming,

  • Open Source contributions,

Dec 2012 – May 2014

Exclusive Author


In 2012 I started cooperation with mikrokontroler.pl portal. The results of this cooperation are set of articles about Raspberry Pi – small, cheap and very popular single board computer. All articles contain a wide range of material – from the general knowledge about hardware interfaces (GPIO, 1-Wire, RTC, …) to multimedia applications (OpenCV, …).

Full list of articles – mikrokontroler.pl

Jan 2009 – Jun 2013

Electronics Programmer/Designer


Designing and constructing embedded systems based on 8-/16- and 32-bit microcontrollers for companies as well as individual customers.

May 2012 – May 2013

Software Engineer


  • Porting NX software to embedded systems,

  • NX software development,

Sep 2011 – Dec 2011

Exclusive Author

Wydawnictwo BTC

In 2012, I published my first book about Linux for embedded systems – “Linux. Podstawy i aplikacje dla systemow embedded“, as a result of my cooperation with Wydawnictwo BTC. The book is a guide about the hardware (GPIO, I2C, 1-Wire, RS232, etc.) and software (Linux kernel, u-boot bootloader) aspects of using Linux on ARM architecture.


Jul 2011 – Aug 2011

Electronics Programmer/Designer

radioNAV Gdansk

Complete design and implementation (hardware and software design, PCB assembling) of a TCP/IP Controller – University required apprenticeship.



2008 – 2013

Computer Electronic Systems – Master’s degree

Gdansk University of Technology

Master’s Thesis – Virtual Impedance Meter.

The designed device is compact and easy to use Virtual Impedance Meter allowing to measure impedance in a wide frequency range (from 10 Hz up to 100 kHz). The most important features of the analyzer are small size (4-layer PCB) and low production cost. Thanks to the use of an impedance measurement method based on DSP and AD5933 microsystem (high precision impedance converter system solution that combines an on-board frequency generator with a 12-bit, 1 MSPS, analog-to-digital converter) with complex analog conditioning circuit, the developed instrumentation can be compared to portable analyzers offered by top worldwide manufacturers.



Mar 2015 – Jun 2015

Android Things and Raspberry Pi

Elektronika Praktyczna, Wydawnictwo AVT-Korporacja

Abstract (in Polish): Kompletny artykuł składa się z trzech części poświęconych systemowi Android Things i płytce Raspberry Pi. Pierwsza część cyklu przybliża Czytelnikowi krótką historię systemu a także zawiera opis przygotowania środowiska i pierwszej prostej aplikacji. W kolejnych częściach przedstawiono opis sterowania pracą magistrali I2C, obsługi wyświetlacza OLED SSD1306 i czujnika HTU21 z wykorzystaniem gotowych sterowników sprzętu oraz projekt z wykorzystaniem kamery i funkcji przetwarzania obrazu.


Mar 2015 – Jun 2015

Controlling the Raspberry Pi via the WebSocket protocol

Tanzstunde: Raspberry Pi steuern mit Android

Raspberry Pi Geek – Linux New Media USA, LLC
Linux Magazine – COMPUTEC MEDIA GmbH

Abstract: The various small computers with relatively powerful microprocessors now on the market are attractive to developers, engineers, and makers alike. The processors provide fast and easy access to hardware buses via I2C, 1-Wire, or SPI, allowing users to combine the worlds of software and electronics. Connecting data to the real world – for example, by reading external sensors or controlling actuators – calls for simple and efficient communication between a client and server, as provided by the WebSocket protocol. Basically, this technology is used when you want to realize fast and powerful, bi-directional communication in real time between web applications and clients. In this article, I present two sample projects involving the operation of a Raspberry Pi as a WebSocket server to which a WebSocket client sends asynchronous broadcast messages […]


Nov 2014

An Open Source and Open Hardware Smart Home

Jesien Linuksowa / Linux Autumn / 2014 Conference

At the beginning of November 2014, I had the opportunity to give a speech at a “Jesien Linuksowa 2014” conference. “Jesien Linuksowa” (Linux Autumn) is a “[…] social-scientific meeting for enthusiasts of the Free Software and the GNU/Linux that is organized by the management board of the Polish Linux Users Group”. It was also the first opportunity to present new (pre-release) version of my application – “Raspberry Control 2.0“.


Mar 2012

Monitoring of a bathing person

Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics

Abstract: Ageing of the population in developed countries is a major problem and a challenge not only from a social or an economic point of view, but it is also a challenge for engineers, as in the near future there maybe a lack of personnel to take care of the elderly. […] We analyze possibility of bathing person presence by means of impedance spectroscopy. We study optimal electrode configuration for detection of the person in the bathtub and influence of bathing water ingredients (salts, shampoo, soap) on the detectability. Finally we are interested in estimation of person’s activity during the bath process by means of impedance measurements. We have designed prototype of such embedded system and showing results of primary measurements […]

American Scientific Publishers, Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, Volume 2, Number 1, March 2012, pp. 27-34(8),



Detection of person presence and its activity in the bathtub

XV International Conference on Electrical Bio-Impedance (ICEBI)
XIV Conference on Electrical Impedance Tomography 2013 (EIT)

Abstract: A practical application of a bioimpedance technique for a detection of a bathing person is presented in the paper. It addresses the possibility of supervising people in the bathtub without voiding of their intimacy. The measurement system installed in a fiber-glass or a plastic bathtub is able to detect a presence of the bathing person, to estimate its activity and thus to detect potentially dangerous events. In the paper a principle of measurement, working prototype and measurements are presented. The proposed method can be useful for supporting and supervising bathing of elders, partially disabled or people with some health state risk during the bath and living alone.



Linux. Podstawy i aplikacje dla systemow embedded

Wydawnictwo BTC

In 2012, I published my first book about Linux for embedded systems – “Linux. Podstawy i aplikacje dla systemow embedded“, as a result of my cooperation with Wydawnictwo BTC. The book is a guide about the hardware (GPIO, I2C, 1-Wire, RS232, etc.) and software (Linux kernel, u-boot bootloader) aspects of using Linux on ARM architecture.



Programming (C, Bash, …)

Embedded Systems/Software



Software Engineering


PCB Design (Eagle, KiCAD, …)

Hardware Engineering


Oct 2007

Prime Minister’s Scholarships

Outstanding Student Award

Oct 2006

Prime Minister’s Scholarships

Outstanding Student Award

Sep 2005

Prime Minister’s Scholarships

Outstanding Student Award
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