MZD Background Changer

Project Description

MZD Background Changer is a simple app which allows you to change background image of your MazdaConnect infotainment system – quickly and easily. Just download and install Android app and dedicated software on USB stick, select one of built-in samples or custom image and press ‘Upload’ button. That’s all you need to do! You don’t need any coding skills, laptop or WiFi connection – just Android app and one-click change – it couldn’t be easier! What is more, in comparison to others ‘tweaks‘, MZD Background Changer – used properly – minimize the risk of CMU brick!


MZD Background Changer is now available to download from Google Play (please read carefully Notice, Getting Started and FAQ sections before downloading). Android app is available in two versions: FULL and DEMO. The demo – released only for test purposes – is limited to four built-in samples images, doesn’t allow to upload custom backgrounds, contains ads, but is available free of charge – please try it before buying full version. The full version is ad-free and includes all features – ability to upload custom backgrounds and almost 80 ready-to-use images:

MZD Background Changer requires additional software installed into USB drive. Please watch Getting Started carefully before installation and follow the instructions herein.

Enjoy and don’t forget to give me some feedback at

Getting Started

MZD Background Changer – Features
MZD Background Changer – Getting Started


  • MZD Background Changer is not compatible with latest versions of MazdaConnect firmware (version 59.00.502 and above) – please take it into consideration before updating your MazdaConnect firmware or before buying full version of MZD Background Changer.

  • MZD Background Changer app requires additional software installed into a USB drive! Please watch Getting Started carefully before installation and follow the instructions herein.

  • MZD Background Changer app is a “research project” and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This app can modify MazdaConnect filesystem – use it at your own risk and only if you know what you’re doing!

  • All background images are part of the free and open-sourced mzd-background-changer project distributed under the GPLv3 license and hosted on GitHub. All images have been copied from MZD-AIO project distributed under the same license and also hosted on GitHub. If you noticed that some of images are not properly licensed – please contact with Developer – such images will be immediately removed from mzd-background-changer project.

  • Due to instability of MazdaConnect system and known bugs in memory management, unfortunately I can not give guarantee that app will always work perfectly. Sorry, it isn’t MZD Background Changer’s fault :)

  • Something doesn’t work? Before you rate MZD Background Changer app, please feel free to email me for any queries/problems or if you just want to say hello.

  • MZD Background Changer is not an official app of Mazda Motor Corporation!

  • If you have enjoyed any feature of the MZD Background Changer app, do not forget to share info about it on social media. Enjoy :)


FAQ section answers most of your questions about MZD Background Changer. If you can’t find the answer here, please contact with me directly at

How to Enable USB Debugging on Android Phone?

MZD Background Changer needs USB debugging mode enabled on your phone. Before you start app, please double check whether USB debugging mode is enable, otherwise it will not be possible to start connection between Android app and MazdaConnect system.

To enable USB debugging mode:

  1. Go to Android Home Screen

  2. Pull down the notification bar

  3. Tap “Settings”

  4. Tap “About Device”

  5. Tap on the “Build Number” button seven times to enable “Developer options”

  6. Go back to Settings menu and now you’ll be able to see “Developer options” there

  7. Tap it and turn on “USB Debugging” from the menu on the next screen

Some other useful links:

How to format USB 2.0 Drive to FAT32? Why do I need this?

As you can read in Getting Started and Notice sections, MZD Background Changer requires additional software installed into USB 2.0 drive. The external USB 2.0 drive is used as storage for MZD Background Changer software and place for background images. Before installing MZD Background Changer software on USB 2.0 drive, it needs to be formatted as a FAT32. In my opinion, video tutorial are more useful and effective, so below you can find some ‘HOW-TO‘ from YouTube:

Mac OS X Users

Windows Users

Linux Users

Android app shows only Waiting for MazdaConnect system… – how to deal with it?

How to upload my custom image as a background for MazdaConnect?


It doesn’t work, what now?

Don’t worry – we will fix it together :) Contact with me at and describe your issue in detail. Please also remember that MZD Background Changer is treated as a “research project“, designed to create more powerful infotainment system from already available resources, which are not always fully reliable.

Mazda name and vehicle model names (e.g. Mazda2, Mazda3, …) are a trademarks of Mazda Motor Corporation

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