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“Frist steps with Raspberry Pi” – my articles

Last year I cooperated with mikrokontroler.pl portal. The results of this cooperation are set of articles about Raspberry Pi – small, cheap and very popular single board computer. All articles contain a wide range of material – from the general knowledge about hardware (GPIO, 1-Wire, etc.) to certain multimedia applications (RPi as a home media center or as a gaming console).


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“systemd Hackfest” and FOSDEM – Burssels 2014

A week ago I had the pleasure to attend the FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting) and systemd hackfest in Brussels. FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organised by the open source community for the community. It’s widely recognised as “the best open source conference in Europe“.

Below are some photos taken during my stay in Brussels.

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“Raspberry Control” – important info

Due to changes on my website, which will be finished soon, below you can find additional info how to install and use my “Raspberry Control” app:

[1] Server application for Raspberry Pi - http://goo.gl/NNK7T

[2] http://codebangers.com/?p=713

[3] http://www.framboise314.fr/controlez-votre-raspberry-pi-depuis-un-smartphone-android/

[4] http://ruten-proteus.blogspot.com/2013/03/Android-Control-RaspberryPi.html



TCP/IP Controller

In late July and early August 2011 I had an internship. As part of this internship I had to design and make a (schematic, PCB, software, installation, testing) TCP/IP Controller. The basic premise of of the project was high level of device reliability. Unfortunately, I can’t write too much about this project, but below you will find a gallery of images.


  • device based on 32-bit microcontroller (AT91SAM7X) with NutOS operating system,
  • 8 x Opto-Isolated Open-Collector Digital outputs,
  • 12 x Opto-Isolated Digital inputs,
  • 4 x ADC Buffered Inputs,
  • built-in watchdog timer,
  • full-duplex serial port controlled by Ethernet,
  • USB connector,